About our Roll Shutters

Shutters are used in place of awnings. With the Shutter partly down, you have an excellent view without the glare from the sky. Another glare problem is viewing television or computer screens near an uncovered window. This problem alone has been the primary reason for Shutters on some homes.


  1. Roll shutters come in various standard colors  Brown, brushed aluminum, White, Ivory Tusk, Sand Beige, transparent and perforated. We can color code your shutter to match any paint sample for an additional cost.
  2. Roll shutters can be manually operated with key locks, electrically operated 110V 5Amp somfy motors – toggle switch or key switch (for security) and remote controlled.
  3. Security roll shutters are fabricated in 3 different materials:  high density resin inside roll down curtain, solid aluminum curtain slats and lexan curtain slats. (unbreakable transparent plexiglass)
  4. Having trouble sleeping with long daylight hours or traffic noise?  We can help with that, our roll shutters reduce outside noise considerably and block out the light. We can even put the shutter on a timer so that they open automatically to wake you up!
  5. Roll shutters also keep energy costs down, so the savings on the energy costs will pay for your investment in the roll shutters. Good sell feature for home owners.
  6. In winter Keep the cold out and the warm in! In summer keep the cool in and the heat out!
  7. Use our roll shutters for boardroom privacy or for power point presentations.
  8. Our quality of our materials matches or exceeds our completion. Just look at our warranty it exceeds the competition!