The Benefits of Owning Rolling Shutters

  • Provides security
  • Privacy
  • Reduces Noise
  • Sun Protection
  • Energy Saving


Provides Security

In many cases it takes police up to 30 minutes to respond to an alarm, by then a thief is long gone with your valuables.

Thieves look for an easy and fast way in and out of a building. Shutters are not something they want to deal with. Shutters provide security from intruders without the "What are they trying to hide" statement that security bars seem to make. Shutters also can be opened in the event of a fire, unlike security bars. Shutters can be wired into your alarm system therefore when tampered with the alarm will sound. Roll shutters roll up during day into head box whereas security bars and gates are permanently fixed onto window.

Roll Shutters are installed on the outside and controlled from the inside and can easily stop at any position.

Can Be Used across counter top and secure cigarette cabinets and liquor cabinets.



When rolled down, there is complete privacy from the outside. 


Controls Noise

Roll shutters cut out 1/2 the noise from outside noises, traffic, storms, etc.


Sun Protection

Provides Day Sleeping Environment - The combination of light and sound control make Roll Shutters an excellent product for day sleepers or naps. Rolling Shutters eliminate approx 90% of light & noises.


Replaces window coverings

Many homes are built to take advantage of the view. Roll Shutters allow a clear view when weather conditions allow. Many homeowners would rather not have window coverings or other inside window treatment which obstructs the view. Roll Shutters allow any type of inside treatment desired with the Roll Shutters providing the privacy and energy savings that heavy drapes are supposed to provide.


Protects Windows From Golf Courses

Many Shutter installations have been made on homes next to golf courses. Homes in this area are vulnerable to broken glass due to stray golf balls and benefit greatly from the window protection that Rolling Shutters offer. Although home insurance usually takes care of your broken windows, your premium none the less continues to increase when it is reported.


Keeps Out The Sun

The sun produces a significant amount of heat each day. Rolling Shutters helps you save on your electric bills and causes less wear and tear on your air conditioner. New homes could probably use a smaller air conditioning unit if Rolling Shutters were installed.


Cuts Out Glare and Bright Sunlight

Shutters are used in place of awnings. With the Shutter partly down, you have an excellent view without the glare from the sky. Another glare problem is viewing television or computer screens near an uncovered window. This problem alone has been the primary reason for Shutters on some homes.


Prevents Fading of Fabric

Rolling shutters provide protection from the sun's rays on drapes, carpets, and furniture.


Energy Savings  

Keeps Home Cooler in the summer - Roll Shutters also provide significant money savings by reducing home or business energy costs. Our Shutters give you a "dead air space" (the space between the window and the Shutter), which is the single most important aspect of insulation effectiveness. While the sun can produce temperatures through windows and glass doors, Roll Shutters eliminates 99% of the sun's rays from ever reaching them, saving up to 30% on the cost of cooling the interior space.

Keeps Homes Warmer In Winter - Conversely, 47% of heat loss occurs through these same openings.  Roll Shutters provide an excellent barrier against this heat loss, utilizing the same "dead air space" that protects against heat and harmful UV radiation. This insulating layer results in significantly lower heating costs during the cooler months. In addition to these energy saving benefits, Roll Shutters' affordable pricing adds to the overall value and aesthetics of your home, making your purchase both an immediate and long-term investment.